Insomniactical Musings … Enjoy

Its about 4:30 am and once again Insomnia has unleashed it’s dreadful powers upon me, for which I have little to no defense. My left foot, which I nearly lost (along with my life) in a motorcycle accident on May 5th of this year, and all 4 plates and 23 screws that now reside within it, is alive and on FIRE at the moment! Being in pain every single second of every single day can wear a man, any man, down. Its mentally and physically draining and can easily tap into your spirit as well. It’s easy in moments like this to feel sad and be overwhelmed as waves of depression rear their ugly head. It’d be easy to just take more meds and crawl back into bed. But at these times, I try to realize just how amazingly wonderful my life has been.

Here’s a little “Did you know?”

 - That I’ve partied at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch? And the Ranch was awesome! .

 - That I was invited to the White House? My bright ass green hair REALLY fit in there! I was more impressed by the Neverland Ranch by the way.

 - That I’ve also been and chilled at The Playboy Mansion? :-) Giggety!!

 - That I’ve visited more Children’s Hospitals and Wounded Soldiers than I can remember? One of the most heart-breaking things I’ve ever seen was a 6-yr old terminal girl singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to me. I’ll NEVER forget that. What a beautiful soul she had.

I’ve visited military bases in The Middle East and Africa, on a Good Will Tour. Stayed in the barracks and everything. Met some truly inspiring men and women on that tour.

I’ve wrestled on 6 Continents, in 26 Countries, in 49 American States, and in 10 Canadian Provinces?  I mean, how many people can say something like that?

I’ve seen poverty on levels that you can’t imagine! Levels that watching National Geographic can’t do justice! Yet I’ve been in castles, and met Royalty as well. The Crown Prince of Malaysia, once gave me his business card, which read … waitforit … Crown Prince of Malaysia! LOL I always thought that was funny, why would a Crown Prince need a business card? I wonder if Obama has a business card that says “President of the United States” :-)

Did you know I was invited to a college internship program when I was 11 years old? And again when I was 12? I used to be really smart!! Did I mention that smart people do stupid shit all the time? LOL

I’ve wrestled and/or perfomed with some of the greatest wrestlers there’s ever been!! Ever! I’ve totally lived my dream for over 20 years! Highs and lows? Yes, but life is all about highs and lows. And sometimes, no matter what, we can’t fight the tide, we just do the best we can. 

In these times of gloom we can’t see the sun for the clouds, but it’s there nonetheless. I’ll beat this latest setback much the same way I’ve beat all the ones that came before. I’m just glad I’m still here to share this experience called Life with you all. I truly feel I have some ofg the best and most loyal fans ever!! It’s easy to cheer for certain guys and hop on the bandwagon when things are going great, but my fans have stayed with me through the good and bad. And for that, my eternal gratitude is yours to have. 

I hope you enjoyed this lil blog, I know it wasn’t structured very well, but I’m working on fumes here. :-) Thx for reading!